Retirement Planning

What are your retirement goals?

  • Preserving the wealth you've created?
  • Maintaining your desired level of income?
  • Passing your assets on to your heirs in the most tax-efficient manner?
  • Ensuring your wealth will serve others?
  • Providing your heirs with the right start?

To make your retirement dreams a reality, you want to accomplish these goals and more. With the integrated retirement planning approach offered by Estate & Trust Advisors you receive sensible, thorough investment management strategies that foster an optimal return while reducing risk – whether your goal is wealth accumulation, preservation, or distribution.

ETA was founded to give you the objective, personalized retirement planning you deserve. We constantly strive to provide financial services that exceed your expectations with uncompromising integrity, quality, and confidentiality.


Retirement Planning Services

ETA offers you specialized advice for every phase of retirement planning – asset accumulation, asset protection, income distribution, and asset transfer to heirs.

Most people focus on accumulation in midlife. At a certain age, it becomes more prudent to maintain assets and to set income schedules in retirement. Finally, financial and legal strategies should transfer assets to heirs with minimal taxation.

Retirement Plan Distribution Analysis. For those who are about to receive a lump-sum distribution from a qualified retirement plan, this process can help you minimize taxes, maximize returns, meet current tax law requirements, and avoid falling into the potential tax trap pitfalls retirees often face.

Retirement Income Analysis. Will your current investments allow you to retire when you choose? If your retirement income analysis indicates that your current investments are not sufficient for your retirement goals, we will discuss alternatives that may be more suitable in light of your individual risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Estate Preservation and Charitable Giving. When a person passes away, there can be tremendous expenses, such as estate taxes and probate, which if not planned for, can create an overwhelming financial burden on those who are left behind. We will work with you to develop a strategy that will enable you to pass your assets to your heirs in the most tax-efficient manner. For the philanthropic, we will do the same, while benefiting your favorite charity, foundation, or alma mater.

Asset Protection Strategies. You may not want to think about needing Long-Term Care (LTC), but it’s a fact of life for a significant number of retirees. The cost alone may be the biggest threat to your financial security. That’s why a dependable asset protection strategy should be a part of your retirement planning.

We will provide a comprehensive plan that may include LTC insurance, as well as various legal strategies. Contracted with the top LTC companies, ETA will identify which policy will work best in your situation. With proper planning, LTC insurance premiums can fit into your budget.

Premiums can be funded utilizing income from investments, CDs, dividends, and annuities. Don’t let the one risk you may have overlooked jeopardize the financial security you’ve worked so hard to obtain.